11th January 2018

How much does a new Kitchen cost?

How much does a new Kitchen cost?

How much does a new kitchen cost? Well, here at Best Trend Interiors we like to be as transparent as possible which is why we post all our costs for everyone to see.

If you take a look at our Kitchen Ranges page you will see all our costs and the kitchen style you can expect to get for the price. All our costs are inclusive of VAT but don’t include appliances which means you can get as adventurous as you like with them.

If you do want some quick links to see the costs, see the links below:

Price Group 1 – Flat Slab Door Kitchen – £2763
Price Group 2 – Modern Shaker Kitchen – £3056
Price Group 3 – Gloss Lacquered Slab Kitchen – £3146
Price Group 4 – 5 Piece Painted – Shaker Kitchen – £3224
Price Group 5 – Matt Painted Handleless Kitchen – £3657
Price Group 6 – 5 Piece Painted Shaker Kitchen – £3740
Price Group 7 – Traditional Chic Kitchen – £4109

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