Kitchen Ranges

We offer the very latest trends in kitchen and bedroom finishes. If it’s going to be in vogue, you will find it at Best Trend Interiors.

If it’s a more traditional range you desire such as Shaker or Inframe we, of course, have these too. Possibly, with a twist bringing them more up to date with a handle or colour choice. That is, of course, will be your choice! Every kitchen is as individual as your taste.

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Flat Slab Door Kitchen – Price Group 1 - £2763

Matt finish flat slab doors in a myriad of wood effect and neutral colours will make this kitchen range both chic and modern and funky when mixed. Although at our starting price level, these doors offer no compromise on quality.

Modern Shaker Kitchen – Price Group 2 - £3056

A modern twist on the traditional Shaker Kitchen, the contemporary colours available in this range are of today! Add your own choice of any of our 24 cabinet finishes and create a unique look just for you. Further customise your choice by choosing between a plain matt finish or a textured timber effect.

In the same price grouping are the ultra modern high gloss lacquered kitchen doors available in a stunning range of colour finish. Superb quality and finish but without the perceived price.

Gloss Lacquered Slab Kitchen – Price Group 3 - £3146

A softform kitchen door in only two classic colours makes this kitchen subtly different but so desirable. Add a gloss interior at no extra charge to complete this unique look.

5 Piece Painted – Shaker Kitchen – Price Group 4 - £3224

This Shaker Kitchen is made in the traditional manner with five pieces to each door. However, modern materials make this finish very affordable. The colour palette is professionally matched to be used either as a mono-colour scheme or a mix for those who are a little more adventurous with their taste.

The partner range in this group is in complete contrast to the Shaker Kitchen with wood effect handleless kitchens. A traditional look to this material but the very latest handle free profile makes for a real design twist.

Matt Painted Handleless Kitchen – Price Group 5 - £3657

Matt painted handleless kitchens and gloss painted handleless kitchens comprise this price group. For the most contemporary look and a palette of colours to pore over the choice is assured. Dare to add a contrasting cabinet finish from our range of 24?

5 Piece Painted Shaker Kitchen – Price Group 6 - £3740

True 5 piece painted Shaker Kitchens are now a staple of kitchen choice. Ours are true to the traditions of this movement and limited in colour choice for the purist.

Traditional Chic Kitchen – Price Group 7 - £4109

Not a purist but wish to add a Shaker Kitchen to your home? Just look at the colour range available in these solid oak doors. Mix them or mono-colour them with a choice of 24 cabinet finishes or why not completely indulge in the stunning Light Pippy Oak Kitchen?

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